Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today the crew of Elowyn Sage had an early morning, waking up and immediately eating a brief breakfast of oatmeal before heading out of Savanna Bay and going to the Baths. There we adventured through a collection of large rocks located on the coast of Virgin Gorda. During our time at the Baths, we roamed through caves and explored oversize rocks that enabled us to view nearly the entire island. After our time at the Baths, we took our first detour into port. Spanishtown was a cute and leisurely area, perfect for spending our time on land. In Spanishtown, the crew got lunch from a local town as well as a few souvenirs. After approximately three hours, our port time ended and we took Elowyn Sage out for a short but relaxing sail, due to little wind and calm waters, before returning to Savanna Bay for a meal of veggie burgers and mashed potatoes. Now we wait for our diving and sailing lectures. Tomorrow we will experience our first hands-on beginner dive lesson, which the entire crew is excited for!