Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we started our day by bringing up the anchor in Savannah Bay. We had oatmeal for breakfast, and then after that; I drove the boat to the Baths. At the Baths, we climbed on a rock and walked through caves. We couldn’t swim at the Baths because there was a school of jellyfish at shore. When we left the Baths, we went to Spanish Town and docked. I drove the boat over to Spanish Town, and the only time I wasn’t driving was when we docked. At Spanish Town, we ate at a restaurant, bought snacks, and restocked the boat with water and food. The girls bought way too many things! When we left Spanish Town, I had to get off the docks and was scared of hitting the other boats. James drove for a part of the way back to Savannah Bay. On the way there, we did sailing circles to practice the points of sail. We also did jibing and lots of tacking. Then once we got back to Savannah Bay, we anchored and had dinner. We ate chili. Annabel and Elias did amazing cooking, and it was delicious. After dinner, we cleaned the boat and had a sailing chat. I forgot to mention that we all had a Hibiclens shower, and we are now squeaky clean!