Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning I woke up in my hammock looking over Savannah Bay and the beautiful blue water. All the shipmates on my boat Rossi got off to a rushed start so we could start our crazy rotation day of windsurfing, diving, dinghy driving, and watersports. The windsurfing was something that looked super tricky, but once you tried it out was the coolest thing. The highlight of the diving for me was definitely my first breath underwater; It’s magical. I want to thank Uncle Willy (Will) for the best dinghy and man overboard session ever. I definitely now know how not to rescue someone who is overboard! Also, great effort to Salome in our game at the end of our busy rotation day. We all lay on the bow of the boat in our tight family circle, and Salome’s attempt at an American accent made us all laugh so hard we couldn’t breathe. Poor Ella cut her foot, but that didn’t stop her from doing all the activities. We had a nice visit from Papa Mike, who also gave us a great chat, and it finished the day with everyone starting to open up to each other about themselves. Family Rossi rules, thanks, guys, you’re the best.