Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

First off, we had oatmeal and fruit. The group loved the oatmeal so much that we even had seconds! After breakfast, we motored over to the Baths. The dinghy dropped us off near the beach, and we had to swim the rest of the way. While we were at the Baths, the group went rock climbing and explored the amazing caves as we climbed to the top of the rocks, we realized that the view was breathtaking. The view was so amazing to witness that we stayed there a few minutes and enjoyed every second of it. As we were leaving, the group realized that we had to swim to where the dinghy dropped us off. With a refreshing swim, the group reunited at the boat. As we took our showers and dried off, we were told that we were going to Spanish Town. As we calmly waited to reach Spanish Town, we were united back with our phones. With our phones, we were able to call/text our parents/loved ones. As we roamed through Spanish Town, the group went to the restaurant and souvenir shops that had a lot of swimming gear and ocean-related toys/hats. As we left, we gave up our phones and put all our gifts in our cabins. At this point, we did not know the true adventure that awaited. As we started drifting into the ocean, we realized we had a task at hand. The sailing instructor Ruth showed us how to tack and jibe. She also gave the group-specific jobs. Ruth gave a job called at the helm, which was steering the boat, and it was done by Delcino. As we learned how to do our jobs, we also learned the points of sail, which was extremely helpful because of the wind. In an hour, we realized that we were perfecting our jobs. As we finished the sail circles, we anchored at a magnificent place named Mountain Point. As it started drizzling, we realized that there was a beautiful rainbow behind us. As the rain ended, it started again, causing a double rainbow! It was such a beautiful sight. At this point, we were eating a dinner of chili and rice. After dinner, we went down to the salon to finish our dive chat. When we finished our dive chat and quizzes, we finished the things we had to do, for example, putting on lotion and brushing our teeth. After we finished the things we had to do, we went to bed with the rocking motion of the boat.