Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

What a full day we had! We did so many things. We woke up today in a beautiful bay and took the breakfast watching the sun rising. Then we prepared ourselves to go waterskiing and wakeboarding. It was the first time for many of us, and even if everybody doesn’t stay up, it will stay memorable! Straight after we went to the beach for scuba diving. We took our stuff (it was pretty heavy) and went in the water with Simon to learn about diving and make exercises because it was the first time. When we had lunch, we saw a little turtle swimming at the surface near the boat. We went to another boat to learn how to do knots to know tomorrow when we will move to the port. We also learned to drive a dinghy and save someone in the water. And then we went windsurfing next on the beach, and swimming in the water (which was so clear). We got back to the boat to clean and prepare dinner. We ate watching the sunset, which was beautiful and just perfect.