Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We started the day early by having a great meal of scrambled eggs made by the chef of the day, Juan. After discussing many topics that made us laugh, we cleaned up and got our books ready for our lectures. Some of us stayed and had the lecture on the boat while others left and went to another boat. After our lecture, the Rescues started our first dive to give us our certification. Dolphins did a navigation dive to improve our compass work. Once the dives were finished, we returned to our boats to have lunch. During lunch, we had a lot of fun trying to have one of our British staff members, Mike, say things in his accent. After lunch, Rescues got ready for more diving, practicing how to handle a tired or panicked diver. Dolphins went for a hike. Afterward, some of us went wakeboarding, and we had a dinner of chili and rice. Once dinner finished, we took had one final lecture and a Disney sing-along. Today was a busy but fun day!