Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

After waking up this morning, we had a delicious oatmeal breakfast. We then set sail to a place called The Baths. Once on shore, we had a few pictures taken, then we headed into these caves that were there. It was breathtaking… I could have spent all day just in that spot. As we moved through the cave, there were water holes where we could swim. But what was really amazing was when you got to the very top of the rocks. The view was beautiful. To the ocean on the left, with the anchored yachts, and then on the right palm trees that stretched the shore, it was amazing. There was also another spot at the Baths where you could jump off into the crystal blue ocean water. Once we finished visiting the Baths, we set sail once again to a place called Spanish Town. Before we got off the boat, we were all extremely happy to get our phones back and to know that there was also WiFi there. The food at the restaurant was delicious. Once we finished eating, we checked out the gift shop, which had really expensive merchandise. After leaving that, we went to an ice cream shack, and that’s where I probably had the best milkshake of my life. When we left Spanish Town, we learned more about sailing, which was great. That’s what we did today.