Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was rotation day 1! We learned how to drive a dinghy and did watersports. Alexa was in my group and was my favorite person to watch. We also did our first confined water dives. After lunch, we windsurfed and Zested. There were four Zests and windsurf boards. Everybody had a lot of fun, and Boris and Fabrizio capsized a lot. Cayden and Lea were on a Zest together and sailed really far out. They also insist that they were the best Zest group. Alexa and Elena were also a team and nearly had a collision with another boat. They are the third group that says they are the best Zest group. While the three groups were out sailing, Sarah and I saw a small shark. When we finished the rotations from the day and made our way back to the boat, the three teams were all saying why they were the best. We motored to Mountain Point and had dinner.