Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up around six, got an epic breakfast of bagels and yogurt, and made it to The Baths first before anyone else so basically we won. There we explored The Baths and jumped off rocks and wandered around the cool rocks, paths, and baths. Then we motored to Spanishtown where we got our phones back and went on land! We all ate lunch together and enjoyed burgers, fries, wings, salads, and pop. We then wandered around Spanishtown, which was super pretty and bought ice cream, cold water, and people bought bubble blowers (very cool on the back of the boat). Then we set sail and learned about jibing and reviewed points of sail and other fun sailing stuff like raising the mainsail. After learning, we came back to Savanna Bay and tried to decide if time was a social construct. We’re still not sure. Then we got to listen to some excellent harmonica playing by Jack and had vegetable chili for dinner. We have a long boating talk after dinner and dishes, where we learned about more sailing terms, review actions, and learn what to do if someone goes overboard. Very educational and cool.