Location: The Dogs

Eventful, adventurous, challenging, rewarding; all words that accurately describe today’s escapades. After waking up in paradise, a new, seemingly casual event, we traveled to the Baths. Now, the Baths successfully remind man of the power of nature. This jaw-dropping unique rock formation appears a work of art, not a result of the elements. We all felt suitably Robinson Crusoe after spending 2 hours exploring and climbing the area. Spanishtown was next on the agenda. I think we all agree that getting to land for a short while was nice; regardless of the great burgers. Once we were all full, it was time to sail to our next dive spot. Driving the boat with Sam was definitely my favorite part of the day, a truly incredible experience. Now, this was our first rescue scenario dive and speaking personally, at the end of the dive, I was so exhausted I felt like I was the one in need of rescuing. However, ignoring my terrible fitness level, Sam Jake and Blair taught and demonstrated the skills clearly, and we all learned a lot. The rest of the day was spent swimming, relaxing, and backflipping. We finished the day off with chili, a perfect end to a perfect day.