Location: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

Last night we docked in Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda, to keep safe from Tropical Storm Bertha in a protected harbor. It rained and lightninged in the night as the storm passed over. Then, in the morning, all of the Questers: Camilla, Xavier and I, traveled to the Copper Mine National Park, which is on the leeward side of Virgin Gorda, to do a beach clean up. The ocean was really rough, and the waves were crashing on the gigantic rocks, which we climbed up to see the amazing view. We then cleaned up the beach and learned about different types of plastic. During this meeting about plastics, it began to downpour, so we began walking back to Spanish Town, where a taxi would meet us halfway. It began to rain even harder, so we took cover at a mini-golf course. We then got in the taxi and went back to our boats. While the Questers were doing this, everyone who is in a diving course, had dive chats. After the dive chats ended, we got to have lunch in the town and got back onto Sambamba, where we learned that we were going to the baths; a beautiful rock cave on the beach. We got to spend two hours at the baths, and we all went swimming in Devils Bay. After that, we came back to Sambamba to have dinner. We had pasta and hot dogs, which was really good, and proceeded to go into the galley to have our sail-chat. We learned about a bunch of sailing terms and how to tie a bowline. After the sail-chat, we went to sleep. The day was really fun.
Dear mom and dad,
The sailing is really fun, and I’m having a great time!