Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was definitely the official start to our adventures on the sea. We had an early start this morning with a great meal of eggs and muffins from our chefs. We were soon off on the water for our six hour voyage to Virgin Gorda. We all quickly learned to handle the tacks and jibes, as well as perform a figure eight pickup. So, with this exercise we threw a buoy into the water as our “man overboard” and the skipper and crew work together to maneuver the boat in a figure eight and then we picked up our man overboard. We switched skippers so that everyone had a chance to pilot the boat. We finally arrived at Virgin Gorda at 4pm. Tonight we have a great meal planned of alfredo pasta. Before dinner we all went through a quick lesson for how to set up our scuba gear. After dinner we are planning to watch another scuba orientation video and then get ready for our first dive tomorrow.