Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a pretty chill day. We got to wake up an hour later than yesterday and had some cereal for breakfast. We didn’t get to dive until later in the day because we had to wait out a storm, so we had some time to do bookwork then played cards for a while as we were watching the Dead Poet’s Society. Then Mike and I made some pretty great mac n cheese for lunch, and we all had to eat outside even though it was raining. It was pretty great, though, because we all had to huddle under the roof above the table in the cockpit. After a very wet clean-up, we opened up the bed in the salon called the blue lagoon, and we actually watched the Lion King. Then we finally got to dive! We got to apply our navigation skills with a compass learned earlier in the day, and we had to navigate in a line and back, a square, and a triangle. After the dive, we had showers, and then we had chili and rice for dinner, which was the perfect meal after a taxing dive. And now we’re off to a night diving lecture on Second Wind!