Location: Stockholm


This fun, amazing day started off with a very nice personal awakening from Sarah around 8 o’clock. Once we all made our way to the kitchen, we made ourselves some cereal and sat around the table while Sarah gave us a lecture about Marine Archaeology and what it is. That lasted around 50 minutes. We made our sandwiches for lunch and made the scenic hike to our car. We drove to the dive shop to meet Anders and load up our gear for our two dives later to come today. We had about an hour’s drive out to our dive site, which I slept for. When we arrived, Wilks, Tiago, and I unloaded and carried all of our dive gear to our dive area while Anders and Sarah parked the cars. We ate our lunch and then suited up and walked into the freezing cold water for the first of 2 dives that day. Once we descended, we realized how murky the water was; we had around 5 feet of visibility in the shallows because of the algae. Once we reached depths of around 30 feet, it cleared up very well. The dive lasted around 25 minutes, and we all had our problems; all part of learning to dive in a drysuit in cold water! Luckily, we learned yesterday how to react if our fins pop off from the air in our suits going to our feet. Once we returned, we took all of our gear to the car and drove around 10 minutes to our very first shipwreck dive site. Anders told us a brief history of the wreck. All of the workers in Stockholm harbor went on strike around 1902 because they wanted to be allowed to have 5 liters of beer a day instead of the four already allotted! When the harbormasters shipped in new workers to cover the strike, they housed them on a ship anchored nearby. The angry Swedes snuck in the middle of the night and set the ship on fire! No one was hurt, but it sank and has now become a great dive site! After the brief, we suited up again and started our first wreck dive. The visibility was the worst I’ve ever seen and really tested my dive skills. We partnered up because of the low visibility and started off. It was a very interesting wreck. There was splintered wood and other cool stuff to see. It lasted around 20 minutes; we cleaned off our gear, packed up, and drove back to Fantasea Dive Shop. As we unloaded everything, we thanked Anders and Monica and headed off to the Andromeda. When we arrived I had the privilege of trying to make a Chicken stir fry for the first time; it went pretty well until I added frozen meat instead of frozen vegetables and no one seemed to notice anything off as they watched over me, so I thought it was alright and just kept going! Eventually, we made vegetables for the side and ate. We were pretty wiped out from the diving, and we eventually went to bed.