Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today began when our wonderful chefs for the day, Margaux and Christine, made a delicious egg breakfast. Soon after, we left the Bight and set sail for Cooper Island. Christine took the helm first on our way up the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Megan took control soon afterward and quickly learned how to handle the boat. Maddie followed and mastered the tack. I took the helm after, and we arrived at Cooper Island just in time for lunch. Once we finished lunch, we took a quick swim to cool off. We returned to the lovely Calypso and continued towards Savanna Bay. Spencer started us on our journey before passing the wheel off to Laetitia. During this time, the shipmates were enjoying the sun and good music, especially during the Taylor Swift jam session. After our arrival, the Vegas and Carinas split up. The Vegas learned about diving gear while the Carinas did their homework from the night before. Soon after, we all joined together again for dinner with ActionQuest director Mike. Afterward, we did cards and split again for the dive chat. We ended the day excited about the activities that await us tomorrow.