Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We began day 3 in paradise with a delicious meal of scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins. With our bellies full and our hearts yearning for adventure, we set off to scuba dive. As we landed onto shore the advanced divers set off to do confined water dives, Louise left to the windward beach, and the rest of us geared up for our initial training session underwater. During this session, we put our diving knowledge into practice: equalizing, becoming accustomed to breathing, and a variety of other essential skills for a safe and successful scuba dive. These novel experiences were exhilarating and seemed to reveal an entirely new world. Once we were finished with the required tasks, we retreated from the waters and hung out on the beaches while waiting for lunch. Once refueled, we returned to the beach where we broke up into separate groups and wakeboarded, waterskied, and visited a beach on the other side of the island. My group ventured to the beach where we were met by an unprotected shore, battered by the violent waves of the open water. It was here that I witnessed the devastation on our environment. Around me were hundreds of pieces of plastic washed onto the shore, an experience which gave everyone in the group a new perspective on sustainability, and it’s importance. Next, we learned how to drive the dinghies. After this, multiple groups hung out on our boat, listening to music, talking, and just hanging out. Soon the daylight began to drain, and dinner began. For this meal, we had pasta with Alfredo sauce and garlic bread. As with every meal I’ve had on the boat, it was amazing. Following this meal, I retreated to the galley where I now find myself writing this post about our incredible trip in the BVI.