Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

You may ask: where exactly is Savanna Bay? It is a pearly white beach surrounded by crystal blue waters on Virgin Gorda, one of the many islands of the BVI. The scenery is so impressive, with all it’s shades of green and hues of different blues that even our cameras cannot capture the beauty of this little paradise. And this is where we started our morning, lost in paradise with some scrambled eggs and muffins…mmm, the best! After our breakfast we went to shore. My shipmates and I were taken to the windward beach after a short (but active!) trek. Here we lifted rocks and pebbles to find a gruesome amount of plastic cups, ropes, and other plastic rubbish. I think that by finding ourselves this much rubbish coming from islands (or even other, distant countries!), this made us extremely aware of the danger and all the negative aspects of pollution. I was really happy that ActionQuest made us realize this and gave us the opportunity to make the rocky beach beautiful again. We then went back to Savanna Bay, where we went for a quick swim and then off we went waterskiing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding. Some of us had never tried it before, so that was an amazing experience. We then took Picos out. Now, if I told you we only capsized once, would you believe me? Haha, of course not! But in the end we declared ourselves to be top notch sailors! I will definitely always remember this sailing experience. However, I think my favorite watersport was windsurfing. When the wind catches your sail at the right angle and you just glide along the clear, light turquoise waters, there is honestly no other feeling like that in the world. But today was also our first time going into the water and breathing in a full breath of air. Scuba diving has allowed us to dive into this water and become part of the surrounding; I am so excited for our first open water dive and to one day go to the depths of the ocean and discover all the secrets and treasures it beholds! Thank you to the whole crew and ActionQuest for this amazing day!