Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we had an extremely relaxing but unforgettable trip to Savannah Bay. We started the day off early with breakfast, followed by lessons on proper winch techniques. Afterward, we put our sails up and headed out in the amazing weather. We all took turns driving, using the winches, and we even tacked a few times. We had perfect winds for sailing and were able to stop for lunch because we were ahead of schedule. We made sandwiches and then took a quick swim before our diving talk. Once we finished that, we cleaned up and then continued to Savanna Bay. Once we got there, we were blown away by how beautiful the water was and how white the sand was. We took a quick swim and showered before our dive equipment lesson. We were taught how to assemble our scuba gear, and then we each did it. For dinner, we are having pasta, and everyone can hardly wait. Tonight we have a free night, and we might watch a movie. Tomorrow we are starting water activities, and we are so excited to try all the different watersports. Everyone is having an amazing time!