Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we Calypsonians woke up fully rested after a night spent in our sleeping niches. We made eggs, attempted muffins, and ate fruit. After breakfast, we embarked on our longest voyage yet. Today was a great day for sailing, and because of this, we were able to learn a lot. Throughout the course of six hours, each of us was able to man the helm at least once. By the time lunch came around, we were sailing on a beam reach, which made it a bit difficult to make and eat our PB+Js. Nevertheless, we all got a kick out of watching each other spill our food everywhere. We were able to continue learning how to dive today with a hands-on tutorial that demonstrated how to assemble and dissemble our dive gear. We then arrived in our home for the night, Savanna Bay. When we arrived, some of us were able to waterski, while others swam. We ended the day with a dinner consisting of Alfredo and hot dogs! Shout out to my cooks!