Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Late wake up called for breakfast at 7:00. After a bit of cereal, we put all hands on deck to head to Blue Chromis reef. The crew worked amazingly to get the sails up. Every one, though it’s only the third day together, seems to be in sync. This grouping works perfectly for our group. We may have been last to arrive at Blue Chromis, but the dive was beautiful. The parrotfish were bright pastel colors. Though I didn’t personally see them, I heard stories of Manta rays and Nurse Sharks being spotted. The water was crystal clear and greenish-blue. After dives, we swam and dove of the boat. The cool water may call us, but we soon set sail to Savannah Bay this afternoon. Then again, the crew worked in sync to guide our way into a tough part of the bay. When we finally anchored down, we started dinner and showered off. Once dry most of us cleaned up our cabins then hung out, waiting for the director Mike to join us for dinner. The chefs did an amazing job. The dinner was delicious. After dinner, we played a game with postcards that revealed what side of ourselves we liked the most and what side we didn’t like and what we think a real friend should be like. As soon as Mike left, we cleaned up the dinner mess and wiped down the main cabin for a meeting with some of the other shipmates from other boats.