Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

So today, for me, was a lot different than for everyone else. I’m the only divemaster, so no one does anything that’s really similar to me, besides the staff. Today everyone woke up somewhere around 6. While everyone else made and ate breakfast, I went with Jake to get all of the dive gear from the boats and brought it to land and got it all ready for the new open water divers and the advanced divers. After that, I had a fast breakfast and went back to get ready for my first dive. On this dive, I just did a bunch of general skills that, then, we had a free dive. After the first dive, I helped the staff for a bit, then got ready for my second dive, which I was treating as a free dive. After my second dive, I did a tank run with one of the staff members, and they let me drive the dinghy. After unloading the empty tanks onto Manic and loading the full ones into the dinghy, we went back to shore, and I helped to unload the full tanks there. I then proceeded to sit in the sun for somewhere around an hour. After that, I got ready for my third dive, which was also a free dive. During all that time, everyone else practiced diving for the first time, got to sail these tiny boats called Picos, wakeboard, and windsurf. Then we ate dinner, which was pasta with Alfredo, this hot dog stuff, and salad. Then we cleaned up, and I wrote this. Overall today was amazing being in Savannah Bay, and the view of the surrounding islands is phenomenal. And now I’m signing off.