Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was a great day at Action Quest. After an awkward first day, the group is bonding very well. Everyone is finally getting used to life aboard the Distant Drums. In the morning, we had a dive briefing and were introduced to the program we will be undertaking. Then we hit the water for a review of underwater navigation. We used our compasses and number of fin kicks to navigate a transect line. After the dive, we were all psyched to dive the Rhone later that day. We then left Peter Island for the Rhone dive site, and as skipper, I got to steer the boat. The Rhone dive site was filled with boats, and for a good reason, the dive was so pretty. In the dive, I used my camera and got some sweet pictures! We saw a spotted drum, several coneys, and many other beautiful reef fish. We were all tired after the dive, but there was still a lot to be done. We got underway, and after about 45 minutes of motoring, we put up the sails. As skipper, it was my job to get the boat upwind while the mainsail was raised. We made it to the anchorage and had a great pasta dinner. The squeeze was very enriching, and we all shared our favorite dive moments. Hopefully, the rain will hold off as we all get some much-needed sleep. All in all, we had quite a memorable time at AQ.