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Today was a very relaxed day. We were supposed to do our swim test and anchor in the ocean, but we got some rain, which changed everything! It was good and bad. Bad because we couldn’t go swimming and were stuck on a dock all night, but good because we got to go to port and go to the Baths and have freshwater showers. Everyone has been getting extra time to learn about scuba diving, and tonight we are learning about sailing! The Baths were fun even though there was a rainstorm coming in. All the rain has stopped, and all that’s left is a drizzle, which is making it cooler out and nicer. Our boat just had Mike over for dinner, and after we had a meeting and talk about what a good friend is a trait that you’re not so happy about yourself, and a trait that you like about yourself using old postcards, that was fun! Even though it did rain, we made the most of it!