Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Waking up at around 6:30, our sleepiness soon disappeared by the time breakfast was on the table, which was cereal. Soon after, we jumped in the water for our first dive of the day in White Bay. Before diving into the water, we listened to a lecture about navigation and how to use the compass underwater. That dive went really well, so well, everyone slept after that while we sailed to Cooper Island. It wasn’t that hot of a day, but the sky was gorgeous today. Arriving at our second dive site (Blue Chromis Reef), we then geared up again and went for our second dive of the day. We saw lots of cool things, including a trumpetfish, a stingray, and two big Remoras, which followed us around a bit. We then motored over to our next anchorage, Savannah Bay, where we jumped in the water and swam, showered, and some shipmates got to ski. For dinner tonight, we had Alfredo with hot dogs, peppers, and onions. Mike and Fritz came over for dinner, and we did an activity with black and white cards that told stories about ourselves. So if you asked me if the day was good, I would say no…it was pretty awesome!