Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Our day started before the schedule when a storm brewed over our boat at 12:30 am. Strong gusts of wind pulled some of us out of bed to see what was going on. It only lasts about 15 minutes, and we all went back to sleep and then woke up to a beautiful sunrise accompanied by scrambled eggs, muffins, and fruit. Because of the strong winds the night before twisted our anchors together, which delayed our departure by half an hour. The whole crew helped unravel the anchors; it was a great team activity. We had a nice and calm sail to Road Town. In Road Town, all of us coincidentally ordered the same sandwich since we were all meant to be together as a crew. We picked up masks, snorkels, and fins for the future fun of this voyage. After spending two hours on the harbor, we went back to SqueakyBrat, our sailboat. The shipmates helped raise the mainsail and the jib. Billy led the way to be the first of the day taking the helm, he was then followed by, Griff and Alex. We got to Savannah Bay three hours after setting sail and anchored by all the ActionQuest boats, this being our last night as part of the fleet before we depart to our own adventures to the Leeward Islands. Andy, another staff member, went up the rig to feed another line down, while he was up there, he took a photo of our whole boat and view. Our own five-star chefs, Lydia and Jane, cooked dinner, pasta with Alfredo sauce, hot dogs, and garlic bread. We will need a good night’s sleep tonight for tomorrow’s new adventures.
Editors Note: We will be heading out for Saba tomorrow evening and will not have Internet at this location, so we will not be able to update for a couple of days. We will be having a great hike, a possible dive, and exploring the town. Speak to you all soon!