Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

With all great power comes great responsibility! Today I was skipper, which means I was woken up first to wake everyone and make sure everyone’s rooms were ship-shape. After a satisfying breakfast of scrambled eggs and butter blueberry muffins, we set out for a five-hour sail for Savanna Bay, where many successful attempts at watersports (kneeboarding, skiing, etc.) were made. For the people doing Vega, we learned how to set up our tank, BCD, and regulator. I can’t wait to scuba with all the new skills I’ve learned in the past two days. Tonight, after our wonderful dinner of Alfredo pasta and hot dogs, I presented the squeeze question, “if you could be anywhere instead of ActionQuest, where would you be?” We had to change the question because everyone answered with a quick answer, “nowhere,” like I was the one that should have known that! That just shows what an amazing experience this is. Scuba certifications, sailing, watersports, and all the fun stuff we do is nothing compared to the boat family we have.