Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

The first rotation day was a quite memorable experience. A rotation day is a day in which my crew-mates and I do different activities in different locations. Today, still being anchored at Savannah Bay on the island of Virgin Gorda, we spent time at the beach, on several boats, and in the water. Firstly, after eating a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, my crew-mates and I went to one of the many beautiful beaches of Virgin Gorda. There, we enjoyed many different activities, such as Pico sailing, windsurfing, and swimming. Afterward, we left the beach, only to enjoy a quite different sport called waterskiing. I have still yet to master the art of standing up while moving on the skis, but I’m sure I’ll master it after falling a few more times. After that, we ate yet another tasty meal called sandwiches. Really, you would not believe how good a nice sandwich is after being at sea for a while and constantly working. Then came my favorite part of the day by far, scuba diving. Honestly, I was quite scared to scuba dive. I had heard of many scuba accidents and knew it could be a dangerous sport. However, those fears melted away once I took my first breaths underwater. Just the idea of breathing underwater seemed unreal to me, and when I finally inhaled, I felt quite amazed. It just went against all human nature to try to breathe while underwater. After exercising my underwater skills, I got to see a couple of sea urchins, fish, coral, a turtle or two and some crabs — just typical underwater life here in the BVI’s, but amazing to see. Sadly we only spent about two hours or so in the water, and I definitely want to go deeper the next time. Finally, against a pretty yellowish-red sunset, we enjoyed some cheesy Alfredo pasta. In my opinion, today was quite an adventurous day, and I found myself constantly preoccupied with something to do. But, the camp is called ActionQuest, so what is there to really expect?!