Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Where do I begin Today was another great day at ActionQuest. We woke up to scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins. Our day in the Quest program began on shore with a trip to the old copper mines. There we were surrounded by huge rocks, and the water was crashing against them. The side of the island is opposite of the crystal blue paradise on the other side, it is wide open to the ocean, and the waves are huge, the wind is strong, and the ocean is a dark blue. After this, we made our way to a beach where we did a trash cleanup. It is great that such little things like this can do wonders for the world. Our journey then took us to a mini-golf course where goats wandered the course. It was lots of fun. The heat was strong, so we came back to where the boats are and spent a little time in the water. Another hike and beach cleanup took place, but the day was not over yet. We learned how to drive a dinghy. With some good laughs and an adventure, we ended the day with so pasta and birthday cake. Can’t wait for tomorrow!