Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up at 6 am. While others were tired, I wasn’t. At 7 am we ate breakfast and were informed that we weren’t diving in the morning because of high winds. After breakfast, we spent five hours relaxing. Some of us slept, and some played card games. The card games we played were going fish and peanut butter. After this nice period of relaxing we ate a lovely mac n’ cheese lunch since it was raining we stayed cozy and ate inside. After lunch, we went into the blue lagoon and watched a movie called The Emperor’s Club. Once finished with the movie, the rescue divers were informed that we were going to go diving. Without any hesitation, we all geared up and jumped in. We completed three modules on our underwater Nav cert card. After that, we took showers and ate an amazing dinner of chili. Now we are going off to do our first course lectures.