Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was a great day, first thing this morning I woke up underneath William in his hammock. After we all had a breakfast of cereal, we set sail for Cooper Island. We had our first Marine Biology lecture on our course material. Before we went in the water, Matty gave us all a fish ID slate which we took down with us. There were a lot of blue Chromis fish around 34 ft. Our dive had beautiful visibility and was a great start to our research dives! After we set sail for Savannah Bay and I got to control the boat the whole way here. We had lots of good wind and reached about 8 knots. Everyone got a lot of sun today and yesterday, so we all sat in the cockpit or under the jib.

We had an opportunity to go wakeboarding in Savannah Bay. On the first time out “Aggressive” our dinghy, wasn’t working, so Sam graciously let us use Big Blue, another dinghy, so we all got to go out and attempt waterskiing. I choose not to go out on the dinghy. Charlie (Rico) and Tillie made a delicious dinner of cheesy Alfredo and salad. Matty and Meghann treated us to bruschetta with cheese on top. So excited to hang up my hammock tonight and snuggle up and sleep. A great day of diving and sailing today in BVI. I miss my family, but I am having a great time with a lot of new friends.