Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was our first full day with everyone aboard the boat. It was also the first time waking up to clear sunny skies. We quickly set sail and had many lessons on how to sail. Everyone had the opportunity to practice our sailing skills and to lay out on the deck and enjoy the sun. We hove to once to eat lunch, reapply sunscreen, and to hydrate. Afterward, we zigzagged across the water to Savanna Bay, where we dropped anchor for the day and night. To pass the time until we could ski and wakeboard we worked on broadening our scuba knowledge. Groups of three went one at a time to wakeboard or ski. For some people this was difficult, and they had trouble getting and staying up. As the sun started to go down many of us found sunburns on our bodies. To end the day we enjoyed amazing food thanks to Anna and Tenley. Hopefully, tomorrow brings as much fun as today.