Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Today I was given the job as the skipper. First, Nick woke me up bright and early so I could wake up my other shipmates and prepare our boat for our voyage to Savannah Bay. Once we ate breakfast and finished preparing the boat, we let off the mooring, pulled up our main, and untwisted the jib. Once our sails were out, I steered our vessel to Road Town. It was a fast upwind sail, and after less than an hour, we made it to our destination. We grabbed some lunch at a French cafe and loaded on some more snorkel gear. Nick decided to give another student a chance to skipper out to Savannah Bay, so I was able to sit on the bow and enjoy the incredible views. Nick lectured the shipmates on the points of sail and the parts of the mainsail. Nick taught us the story “Uncle LUFF had a TACK in his FOOT, but he didn’t have a CLEW about the LEECH on his HEAD…BATTONS” to help us learn the different parts of the mainsail. Overall it was a very fun and relaxed day of sailing.