Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we started off at The Bight. We woke up early, ate, and got right to sailing. We stopped at Ginger Island so the Barracuda’s could dive. James, AJ, and Ellis told me that there were amazing fish and colors. They saw trumpet fish! When we were finished at Ginger Island, we sailed a long way to Virgin Gorda. I helmed the boat some of the way here! We learned all of the points of sail and how to tack all by ourselves. We had a yummy dinner and are getting ready for a scuba lesson/chat. Before this, I went wakeboarding, and it was a blast. Today you had the chance to either waterski, kneeboard, or wakeboard. Yesterday we had our first Vega scuba chat. We learned the first stage of scuba diving and are learning the second and third stage tonight! I’m so excited! We took a short quiz on the first session, and everyone passed in my group! One step closer to certification, yay! We are cleaning up right now and are getting ready for scuba chat!