Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today is as sunny as a beach ball, with little wind but huge gusts. The sea had little white tips, but was quite choppy, while we sailed the ocean for five hours. We started in the Bight leaving at 9:30 am and set off to Ginger Island, where the Barracudas had a scuba adventure. The Vegas had lunch so after the Barracudas had lunch we set off for Savanna Bay. On the way, we learned “heaving to” a trick to stop the boat quickly. After arriving in Savannah Bay, we went waterskiing while the Vegas learned how to put together scuba gear. While having lunch at Ginger Island, 20-30 seagulls gathered behind our boat squeaking endlessly. This has happened for a few days before, and they are highly entertaining to feed. Today was a very fun day and hopefully will be like many days to come.