Location: West End, Tortola

We were so sad to see our shipmates off today on the ferry dock here in West End. We can’t stop reminiscing on the past three weeks that we all shared. It’s hard to believe that just three weeks ago, most of our shipmates were strangers and were quiet! Now, they have all grown so much together and have worked well as one cohesive unit. Ben worked hard from the beginning to help everyone bond and feel comfortable with each other. Kyle and Julien (better known as Merm) immediately became best friends, and our ice cream sandwich float doesn’t look the same without the two of them floating on it behind the boat. They both, along with Lauren, conducted and presented an impressive project on parrotfish abundance and behavior and successfully completed the Dolphin program with flying colors. Jenna overcame fears of steering the boat and became a powerful helmsman. Megan taught everyone how to longline the dinghies and was always excited to help out with all aspects of running the boat. John and James carried the energy and passion of Go Beyond with them on this voyage and reminded us to appreciate the little things and give back to the local communities of this fantastic place that we all called home for these three weeks. Jaqi made us laugh with her goofy quips and was always willing to step up and help out. Molly inspired us to take a chance on what was one of our greatest collective feats of creating the most epic burger of all time. Stella brought the group together with her games and bubbly personality. Both of them proved to be incredible wreck divers as well. Genevieve somehow managed to always cheer people up and keep a smile stretched across her face no matter the circumstances. Biz overcame her fear of scuba diving on this trip and became an incredible advanced open water scuba diver. We will never forget the memories that we all made as the unforgettable and victorious crew of Happy Our who despite all of the odds came together to win the 2017 dive side sail race by not just a small amount but by miles!