Location: West End, Tortola

Today we woke early at 6:30 and had a breakfast of cereal and oatmeal. We did a quick clean up then immediately started packing our bags and preparing for departure. The mood was melancholy as we emptied our cabins, but our spirits were lifted when we arrived at our dive site, the Indians. We geared up and jumped in and enjoyed one of the best dives yet. We saw so many fish, coral, invertebrates, and even a spotted eagle ray! As we got out, stowed our gear and began to dry off, Blair gave us the run-down for the “Big Clean.” It is amazing how much grime accumulations after three weeks. For over 3 hours the entire crew scrubbed, sprayed, scraped, and scoured the boat from the heads (yuck) to the stern. As we cleaned, we were motoring from the Bight, Norman Island to West End, Tortola. As we traveled, it got rougher and rougher and more and windier. Pretty soon it started raining which got worse and worse until we all huddled in the cockpit. We waited at a mooring for about an hour, waiting for the weather to calm down enough to dock. Finally, we were able to brave the 15-knot winds and beating rain and dock. We have the whole afternoon on shore, then our final fleet wide BBQ tonight. This has been an amazing experience, and it is bitter sweet leaving.