Location: West End, Tortola, BVI

Well, here we are, the end of session 2. For us staff, this session went incredibly fast. On day four, we left the BVI and began our journey down the island with a passage to Saba, and two weeks later, our passage from St. Barth returned us to our starting point. From our first passage to our final passage, this crew made giant strides; where the majority suffered from some seasickness on our first passage, we successfully completed our final passage with not one person feeling seasick. Not only did our students earn their sea legs, but they also earned some pretty sweet sailing certifications. Nathan, James, and Will, our returning AQ shipmates and Nick’s advanced sailors, all earned their IYT Flotilla Skipper certification and Aaron, Theo, Robert, Jake, Lauren, Lexi, and Anna, the basic sailors, all earned their IYT International Crew Certificate. Nick and I are so impressed by the knowledge our students acquired throughout the session. On day three Theo was leading a student sail raise as we departed Road Town; for over an hour on our passage from Antigua to St. Barth, Jake steered one of the straightest courses I’ve ever seen; and on day 19 we were able to perform a perfect man overboard recovery when our trash bag came loose and fell off our stern into the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Although we spent a good amount of time on the water, our students also spent a good amount of time exploring the islands we visited. On Saba, we are able to get Lexi, Anna, Theo, and Robert scuba diving for the first time. On Statia Will and James were able to dive to great depths on the Charlie Brown, an old AT&T cable-laying vessel, while the rest of the group climbed high above the clouds to Panorama Point on the Quill. Â On Nevis, a group went horseback riding, and we had a great dinner at Sunshine’s. From there, we made our way to Antigua, where we danced at Shirley Heights, explored the dockyard, and swam for hours in the pouring rain. On St. Bart’s, we went cliff jumping, ate French breakfasts, and spent a day surfing. And when we returned to the BVI, we water-skied, snorkeled, sailed, and continued to make memories. This trip was amazing, to say the least, and Nick and I are sad to see it end; our students are our family, and three weeks of laughing and sailing with this unbelievable group on Offline just wasn’t enough!