Location: West End, Tortola

The shipmates of Zourite were up early for their last meal onboard their home for the last three weeks. This was quickly followed by a skipper’s meeting, every skipper coming together to discuss the details for the very last race. This included leaving the Bight on a starboard tack, tacking around a greet buoy midway, and finishing the last stretch on a port tack into Road Town. Zourite was off to a good start and was neck and neck with Sambamba; however, they slowly got further and further ahead, and Zourite struggled to keep up. It was a good race, and Sambamba won, with Zourite coming in second. It was a slow sail back to West End, which gave us an opportunity to return the boat to the way we found it and pack the last of our things. At West End, we were able to have some lunch and free time before our final BBQ, which was when we got to see our friends from other boats. Overall today was a perfect way to end our trip. I’m left with the conclusion that ‘Zourite is Alright’ is definitely an understatement, and that is down to the people on the boat, especially Jake and Lisa. Without them, the trip wouldn’t have been so enjoyable. I will miss everyone on Zourite. However, I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to meet them and know we will stay in touch and keep our memories of this trip forever.