Location: West End

Today was our last full day here at ActionQuest. It started with a quick cereal and oatmeal breakfast. Then it was off to a skipper’s meeting about today’s race for Aaron and I. While I was gone the rest of the boat started to get a jump on the cleaning we were going to do later in the day. When Aaron and I came back, we dropped our mooring ball and headed out to the starting line of the race. We raced to Road Town, tacked, and then finished the race at Peter Island in 5th place. It was a fun sail, nonetheless. After the race was over the staff took over sailing the boat so we could clean before we got to the docks so we could have a lot of shore time. Once we got to the dock, it was about 30 more minutes of cleaning, and then we went off to shore and had a great and big lunch. Then we came back to the boat and took a shower like the first day using the salt water hose then we fresh watered off. After that, we got changed, cut up the ActionQuest flag, and signed them. Then we took a boat picture and now we are off to our final meal at ActionQuest with a BBQ with the whole program.