Location: West End

Day 20 started with Annie and I going to the skipper’s meeting. We arrived at Pelican Pat to be briefed on the race. Next, we picked numbers out of a hat to decide our starting position. We picked one out of nine! We went back to our boat and prepared for the race. As we headed towards the starting line, the countdown began. 5…4…3…2…1… Once we heard one, we unfurled our jib as fast as possible. We ended the race coming in fifth. We were going to be fourth, but there just wasn’t enough time. Now that the race is over, we are sailing back to West End, where we will dock and spend our last hours here. We will have a final BBQ tonight, where we will say our goodbyes to the kids on the other boats. I can’t believe this adventure is coming to an end. It’s gone by so fast, but it feels like I’ve known the kids forever. I’m going to miss this place!