Location: West End, Tortola

Today we woke up at a very crowded anchorage called the Bight. After oatmeal and cereal, I went to the skipper’s meeting about our race. We set sail against eight other boats at ten o’clock. We sailed hard straight for Road Town, and after rounding the channel marker in Road Harbor, we continued to Great Harbor, Peter Island, crossing the finish line in fifth place. Cleaning began on the motor back to West End. We all discovered some very disgusting nooks and crannies, but the boat is looking beautiful. After docking with the whole AQ fleet, the BBQ commenced with fashion. As my shipmates and I stuffed ourselves, we began to realize that we might never see each other again. I could see glints of sadness in all of our eyes, but I also saw all of the great memories that have been made these past three weeks. I will miss my shipmates dearly, but I will always cherish the times we had together onboard Elowyn Sage.