Location: West End

Today I woke up for a quick bowl of cereal. Then it was off to a skipper’s meeting for a brief on the race. We started the race really bad and we were last. It was really late when we started to take the middle. We were able to tack really well so we took 5th. We rocketed past two boats and we took third in the end and then it was off to West End. On the way to West End we cleaned. It was boring to clean because there was so much to clean. When we got to West End we had to get on a mooring ball until it was our turn to get on the dock. When I got on the helm I was really nervous. So after a minute I got the hang of it so we went on the dock. It was really fun because there was a lot of wind and it was a challenge also because there was another docked boat on the other side. Now we are cleaning and getting ready for the BBQ.