Location: West End, Tortola

It was a rushed morning for me because I had to go to a skipper’s meeting first thing after waking up. After the meeting, in which I picked second place starting from the hat, we had fifteen minutes to eat, clean, and get to the starting line. We got off to a bad start and stayed in last place for a while until we hit the storm. Once in the squall, we started to catch up, but then we had to reef our sails. Then the wind picked up more. I probably had one of the biggest smiles on my face. Out of nowhere, a big wave soaked our crew who were on the high side. I even got hit by the wave, and my huge smile got even bigger. We had to take down our sails by easing them all the way and leaving the storm. The race was sadly canceled because of this. We went back to West End and did a major boat clean. After a couple of hours of a total cleanup, we finished and went ashore to eat and shop. We will end the night with a BBQ and chatting all night.