Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

In the morning we had a big speech given by Mike. After that, all the students ran into the small supermarket. It was so full that you had to wait 30 minutes to pay. Then, for the first time, we left our dock. We sailed for about six hours. It was very windy and choppy. We saw two reefs and some people were seasick. We also ate lunch while we were sailing. We ate some deli sandwiches. We did so many tacks that were so much fun, and we practiced our sailing drills. Everybody got to steer today, and everybody did it very well. Then we arrived at Savannah Bay and anchored. It was time for the swim test! First, we had to swim eight times around the sailing boat, and then we had to tread water for ten minutes. After this, we had our first ocean shower. We had to jump in the water and then came out and put shampoo on and shower gel. Then you jumped into the water and washed everything out. You come out and have 20 seconds with the freshwater. For dinner, we had Sloppy Joe’s; it was very yummy. Then the skipper (me) had to read a question and the other ones have to answer. Squeeze question of the day: “What is your favorite food, and what was your favorite experience of the day?” Then we did the dishes. I think everybody is now excited about tomorrow. It was a great day!