Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Most of us slept on deck last night but went inside in the middle of the night for fear of being rained on. We also woke up super early today; I guess the excitement of our adventures ahead of us woke us up. It was pretty cloudy because of the storm, but it cleared up by the afternoon. We had an orientation meeting after breakfast, which took a looong time. After that, we started rigging our boat to launch. I was skipper today! It was very fun. I got us out of our port and sailed us to our first scuba diving site- the Caves at Norman Island. We did our swim test, which was four laps around the boat and treading water for ten minutes. After that, we had sandwiches and got ready to snorkel. We jumped in with our fins and masks and headed over to the caves. I saw some awesome neon fish. After swimming for a while, we headed back to our boat and had our first saltwater shower! We jumped in the ocean with shampoo and body wash, and washed our hair and then got out and had fresh water to rinse with. After rinsing off the scuba gear, we headed inside to watch a 45-minute video on scuba diving. We relaxed a little, and then I got back behind the wheel and took us to the Bight, where we are relaxing and getting ready for dinner. It is a beautiful evening, and we are sitting together, listening to music! That’s all for now.