Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was the first day on the boat. We started the day with breakfast consisting of cereal and milk and juice. After breakfast all of the students on ActionQuest went to a meeting about safety and helpful tips for a living on a boat. We had a small break after this to buy snacks before leaving the dock. After we went to the store we started preparing the boat for leaving the dock so that no items moved around or fell off the boat. Once we were ready to leave we finally sailed off to the Caves at Norman Island. We got to see a lot of fish and wildlife in these caves by snorkeling around in them. The caves we snorkeled in were used as a place to keep boats for pirates a long time ago. After seeing the caves we took showers in the ocean and sailed to a place to anchor for the night. We ended the day with Sloppy Joes, and later, our first scuba chat. Today was a great day to start the camp!