Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We started the day with a simple breakfast. Most of the guys and girls didn’t sleep that well because of the rain and the fact that they stayed up talking for long. After a while we went to hear Mike’s speech and that took some time, but at least today we would start with our first sail. Apparently sailing makes people very sleepy. After about three hours of doing so a lot of us got tired and some fell asleep. The best part of the sail, that without a doubt everyone enjoyed, was sitting on the front part of the boat as the water was crashing into us and soaking from head to toe. Once we arrived to our destination, we anchored the boat and learned about the basics of using the scuba gear. Some of us already became prepared to jump in the water and finally got a good taste of it’s refreshment. It was a lot different than what I expected. It’s really hard to swim in this water without at least some swimming goggles. Our first shower at sea came up and it was very fun. We soaped and shampooed up and jumped into the water. For dinner we enjoyed some Sloppy Joe’s that Gwen prepared for us. Later on we joined hands and said what our favorite part of the day was and at what moment this trip became real for all of us. This put a smile on everyone’s face.