Location: The Bight, Norman Island

We woke up early today to the sounds of seagulls, roosters and goats in the surrounding town. After eating breakfast and preparing for the day, we met with the head of AQ for an introductory talk. Around noon all of the vessels departed port, headed for Norman Island. Upon arrival we all got into our swimsuits and jumped into the warm, salty, Caribbean waters for our swim test. After that concluded, we got on snorkel gear and went snorkeling in Norman Island’s famous treasure-filled caves and were able to see lots of interesting marine life. When we were done and back on the boat, we dried off and socialized while we waited for other crews to finish snorkeling. After a while of waiting we got to take showers. These were no ordinary showers. They consisted of jumping in a out of the water to rinse shampoo off. Everyone seemed to enjoy them. We all had fun while waiting for dinner to be ready. After dinner we all split up to have dive chats. Those on the Quest voyage enjoyed a refreshing rain on the way back to the boat. To conclude, I will share a quote from a fellow shipmate: “Gopher it!”