Location: White Bay, Peter Island

Finally getting to bed last night was something of a miracle, but the excitement of the day ahead kept us up. At 6:15 am, we had our first meal together as a crew. The shipmates here seem nice, and as their skipper, for the day, I felt honored to be what will be known as their greatest leader. After breakfast, we finally got off the port and got to begin our voyage! We learned about the excitements of tying knots and slowly cooking our skin in the extremely hot sun. However, we got to sail and sit on the trampoline while we sailed to Peter Island. When we dropped anchor here, we were relieved to jump into the water, only to have a swim test. After this, we put our diving gear together and got in the water again! Under, we saw fish and an amazing reef where we saw a Permit, which we were told later was a rare fish to see here. Finally, we got back on board and continued to cook our skin in the sun slowly. The Sloppy Joe’s were good! Then we played a game where we told our favorite part of the day. I hope we can get some much-needed sleep tonight!