Location: White Bay, Peter Island

Today we left port! After Mike’s talk, we set off from Soper’s Hole, passed Pelican Island, and finally anchored in White Bay, Peter Island. Sam taught Tucker and me how to use the VHF during the sail. We all passed the swim test and even trod water for 10 minutes afterward. After that, we were briefed on diving at ActionQuest and got ready for our refresher dive. We split into two groups (mostly by program, Rescue, or Dolphin) that Meghann and “schoolmaster Mike” led. For dinner, we ate Sloppy Joe’s. Sloppy Joe’s were followed by my squeeze question: “What is the first moment that you felt like an adult?” Our talk with Sam on the trampoline after we cleaned up was interrupted by the rain. Huddling under the canopy, we looked out at the rain. Over the plant-covered volcanic islands, the clouds were pink, which was reflected by the rippling water. Soon though, the rain stopped, and everyone dispersed throughout the boat. It was our first day sailing this summer, and everyone enjoyed it. We all grew a lot closer, and I feel as though we’re growing to be a more cohesive boat. Now that we’ve refreshed our sailing and scuba skills, I’m excited about more sailing and diving tomorrow!